Field Research Grant Projects

2024 Tinker Field Grant Recipients

Adriana Gonzales PhD Energy & Resources Group Colonial Caribbean Currents: A Comparative History of Caribbean Energy Systems Puerto Rico, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia
Anna Closas i Casasampera PhD Political Science Rethinking Agency: Strategizing with, through and around asylum law Nogales, Mexico
Carolina Wanderley Van Parys de Wit PhD History The making of Brazilian Eugenics: Criminality, Race and Gender in Brazil (1890-1945) Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Daniela Paz Cruzat PhD Economics Food Deserts and Market Integration: Evidence from “Imperfect but Good" Produce Initiative in Chile Santiago, Chile

franchesca araújo

PhD African American Studies The Future Belongs to the Deviant: black geographies at the limits of the nation in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Isaac McQuinn PhD Spanish & Portuguese Beyond Devouring: Antropofagia in Mário de Andrade’s Macunaíma São Paulo, Brazil
Jesse (Jesus) Nazario PhD Ethnic Studies Colonial relationality in The Land of Fresh Water from 1718 to 1989 Mexico City, Mexico
Johanna Reyes Ortega PhD Political Science Women in Transition: The Revolution Effect on Gender (In)Equality Havana, Santiago, Camaguey, Cuba
Lázaro González PhD Spanish & Portuguese Queer Archiving in Archipelagic Caribbean Cinema   Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic; Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Lily Medina Jara PhD Political Science Outsourcing Coercion: The Emergence of State-Sponsored Militias in Colombia Antioquia, Cordoba, Norte de Santander, Colombia
Luiza Bastos Lages PhD Ethnic Studies Interview with Brazilian artists Maria Lira Marques and Davi Jesus do Nascimento Pirapora and Araçuaí, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Marco Antonio Badilla Maroto PhD Economics Switching from High-stakes to Low-stakes Evaluation: Evidence from a University-level Reform San Jose, Costa Rica
Maria Isabel Chi-Chable PhD Ethnic Studies Re/imagining a Mundo Maya: Maya rappers in the Yucatán Peninsula Yucatán, Mexico
Maria Jose Navarrete Mendez PhD Integrative Biology The origin and evolution of the acquisition of guanidinium alkaloids in Harlequin Frogs (Atelopus, Bufonidae) from Ecuador and Colombia Santa Marta, Colombia
Minah Choi MA Energy & Resources Group Afterlives of waste in the wetlands of Paraná, Argentina: a multispecies history Paraná, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton

PhD Energy & Resources Group

Preliminary field research on the social, political, and environmental dynamics around copper and lithium extraction in Chile and Argentina

Chuquicamata copper mine, near Calama, Antofagasta, Chile; SQM lithium project, near San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta, Chile; Sales de Jujuy, near Susques, Jujuy, Argentina; Josemaría copper mine, near Pastos Largos, San Juan, Argentina

Sydney Moss

PhD Environmental Policy & Management

Possible Futures for Indigenous and community-based organizations' self-determination in land and water-based projects in Perú and Colombia

Lima, Peru; Medellin, Colombia

Thomas Abers Lourenço

PhD Political Science Organized Crime, Organized Punishment? State Violence and Prison Gang Governance in Urban Brazil São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Yared C Portillo

PhD Education Teaching son jarocho desde la raíz Xalapa, Santaigo Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico

2023 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

2023 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

Name Program Project Location
Diego Aristizabal PhD Sociology Violence, Legitimacy, and Capture: Paramilitarism and the State in Caldas, Colombia 1994-2016 Caldas, Colombia 
Elena Bell MS Energy and Resources Group Impacting International Development: blocks and potential leverage points to achieving positive ecological and social impact through private finance in Pará, Brazil Ica, Peru
Andrés Julián Caicedo Salcedo PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Caring for Palm Trees: The Gendered Politics of Plant Reproduction and Assisted Pollination in Colombian Oil Palm Plantations  Tumaco and Bogota; Colombia
Kate Cullen PhD Energy and Resources Group Climate change and differential water access in Santiago, Chile: a critical approach to climate attribution Santiago, Chile

Laila Espinoza

PhD Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies Counter-mapping and Refusing Silence How artists in Ciudad Juárez protest and denounce feminicide El Paso, United States and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Amber Galvano PhD Agriculture and Resource Economics Sociophonetic fieldwork in Buenos Aires: Exploring aspiration in Porteño speech Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salvador Gutierrez Peraza PhD Ethnic Studies Ciudad Tecún Umán: The Walking City Ciudad Tecún Umán, Guatemala & Tapachula, Mexico
Isabel Hincapie Correa PhD Economics Safe Transportation in Chile Santiago, Chile
Jair Jauregui Torres PhD Spanish & Portuguese Tracing Down Tablada’s Archive Mexico CIty, Mexico
Flavia Martins Ferreira Ribeiro Leite PhD City & Regional Planning Homeownership and Economic Prosperity in Brazil - An Exploratory Analysis of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program São Paulo, Brazil
Bernardo Moreno Peniche PhD Anthropology Displacing the Tropics: Chagas Disease and the Politics of Landscape Bogota, Colombia
Jesse (Jesús) Nazario PhD Ethnic Studies Articulating Cintli Sovereignty: Nahua Farmers and Contemporary Maize Relations in The Land of Fresh Water Mexico City and Ahuelican, Mexico
Benji Reade Malagueño PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Agua exportada, territorios secos: Neoliberalism, Agricultural Trade, and Water Justice in Chile
Santiago and Petorca, Chile
Tilden Remerleitch MPH Global Environmental Health Antibiotic Resistance in Shrimp Farming  Atacames, Ecuador
Johanna Reyes Ortega PhD Political Science Women in Transition: The Revolution Effect on Gender (In)Equality Havana, Santiago, and Camaguey, Cuba
Ana Claudia Simãode Oliveira Lopes PhD Spanish & Portuguese Gilvan Samico's Woodcuts: The Peculiar Confluence of Highbrow and Popular Art in Brazilian Northeastern Culture Recife, Brazil
Maria Villalpando Paez PhD Energy and Resources Group Food Sovereignty and Gender: Agrifood Systems in La Mixteca, Oaxaca
Mexico City, Oaxaca de Juarez, Nochixtlan, and Yanhuitlan, Mexico
Tessa Wood PhD Comparative Literature Narrativizing Education, Violence, and Epistemic Emancipation in Brazil São Paulo, Brazil

2022 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

2022 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

Name Program Project Location
Kelsey Alford-Jones PhD Energy & Resources Group Exploring Avenues for Justice and Barriers to Accountability in Land and Environmental Conflicts in Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala
Andrés Julián Caicedo Salcedo PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Glyphosate and Eradication in Colombia: Local Stories of Food and Reproductive Health Bogotá (Cundinamarca) y Tumaco (Nariño), Colombia
Juan Campos PhD Political Science Organized Crime, Anti-Police Violence, and Police Behavior: Observational and Experimental Evidence from Mexico Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico

Anaid Cardenas Navarrete

PhD Integrative Biology Ecosystem services provided by the black howler monkey in human-modified habitats Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
Rebecca Cardinali PhD Agriculture and Resource Economics Long-Term Impacts of Online Sexual Education in Colombia Bogotá, Medellín, and Barranquilla, Colombia
Britt Dawson PhD Anthropology La Frontera Islámica: Building Religious Community at the U.S.-Mexico Border Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico
Ritika Goel PhD Political Science Populism and Inequality in Brazil Sâo Paulo, Brazil
Lucy G. Hackett PhD Agricultural and Resource Economics Environmental markets and agricultural outcomes: Evidence from Chile Santiago, Temuco, and Concepción, Chile
Melina Marie Holder MA Development Practice Housing, Land, and Property Rights for Venezuelan Migrants in Perú Lima and Madre de Díos, Perú
Jose L Marrero Rosado PhD Anthropology Finding the Forgotten Ones: Search and Identification of an Unmarked Mass Grave in San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
Alejandro Múnera PhD Spanish and Portuguese Queer Culture Under Dictatorship Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vanessa Navarro Rodriguez PhD Political Science Fragmented Struggle: Contentious Politics & the Mapuche in Chile Santiago and Temuco, Chile
Maria Ochoa Villicana PhD Spanish and Portuguese Mexican Border Art: A feminine perspective Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarez, and Piedras Negras in Mexico
Tania Osorio Harp PhD Architecture Landscapes of Domestic Labor: An Architectural History of Asymmetric Relations in Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico

Isabel Peñaranda Currie

PhD City and Regional Planning

Informal and formal land markets, value and policy in Bogotá: A first exploration 

Bogotá, Colombia

Alexandra Reep

MA Public Policy Lessons from a Traditional Colombian Food Market: What food flows in the Galería El Porvenir Market reveal about Cali & Colombia Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Deibi Daryin Sibrian

PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Nahuat Pipil Indigenous Resistance, Victories and Struggles: Sensunapán River Hydroelectric Dams in Nahuizalco, Sonsonate, El Salvador

El Salvador

Tiffany Taylor

PhD Anthropology

Mass Surveillance, Democracy, and the Open Internet in Latin America

Remote Research

Emily Fjaellen Thompson

PhD Anthropology Approaching afterlives of trauma through ordinary memory art in contemporary Peru Lima, Junín, and Huancavelica, Peru

Ilianna Vasquez

PhD Spanish and Portuguese Visions from the Margins: Recentering Sex Work in Colonial Mexico Mexico City, Mexico

Tessa Wood

PhD Comparative Literature Understanding the Legacies of Peripheral Literature in Brazil Remote Research

2021 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

2021 Tinker Field Research Grant Recipients

Name Program Project Location
Alejandra Decker PhD Spanish & Portuguese Building the Lettered City: Engineering & Literature in 19th Century Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Irene Maria Farah Rivadeneyra PhD City & Regional Planning Urban governance and health conditions of street vendors in Mexico City Mexico City, Mexico
Emily Fjaellen Thompson PhD Anthropology When Words Fail: Exploring Embodied Memory in Peru Lima, Ayacucho, Junín, Peru

Valeria Ramírez Castañeda

PhD Integrative Biology Finding snakes in the Colombian Amazon forest: A collaborative endeavor Leticia, Colombia
Yesenia Valverde PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Enriching the Agricultural Matrix: Farmer engagement in biological corridor projects in Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
Ailén Vega PhD Geography Collaborative archival work and analysis of Munduruku resistance to gold mining in the Upper Tapajós River of the Brazilian Amazon Brazil (Virtual)

2020 CLAS Field Research Grant Recipients

2020 CLAS Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Marcos Antonio Cisneros PhD Rhetoric Art Collectivity San José, Costa Rica (Virtual)
Samantha Derrick MA Public Health Decolonizing Diets Ciudad de México, México (Virtual)

Jesús Alejandro García

PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Past contested futures in the Magdalena River basin, Colombia: Political ecologies of hydropower development Neiva, Yaguará, Hobo, Colombia (Virtual)
Darius Gordon PhD Education Demanding the Devil Say Mass: Black Educational Struggle in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, 1984-1989 Salvador de Bahia, Brazil (Virtual)
Gabriel Lesser PhD Spanish and Portuguese Ciudad de México, México (Virtual)
Angela Pastorelli-Sosa PhD History of Art Latinx Paper Cultures: Puerto Rican Solidarity, 1960s-1980s San Juan, Puerto Rico (Virtual) 
Evan Patrick PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Climate Vulnerability of Smallholder Agriculture in Chiquimula Department, Guatemala Chiquimula, Guatemala (Virtual) 

2019 CLAS Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2019 CLAS Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Michael Bakal PhD Education Climate Change, Buen Vivir, and the Fifth Invasion of Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala
Maria Barreiros Almeida Reis PhD History “This state so forgotten and so little heard”: The Problem of Governance and Slavery in the Lower Amazonian Borderlands, 1621-1720 Rio de Janeiro and Belém, Brazil
Claire Boone PhD Public Health The Treatment and Control of Chronic Disease in Chile Santiago, Chile
Zachary Butzin-Dozier MPH Public Health  The Use of Growth Promoting Antibiotics in Small-Scale Food Animal Production in Ecuador: A Mixed-Methods Study Quito, Ecuador
Giovanna Figueroa PhD Integrative Biology Understanding Amazonian biodiversity patterns through an economically important palm Oenocarpus bataua Perú
Salvador Gutiérrez Peraza PhD Ethnic Studies Tranfronterismo on the Mexico-U.S. Border By Salvador Gutiérrez Peraza Tijuana and Mexicali, México
Ernesto Gutiérrez Topete PhD Spanish and Portuguese Influence from English on the production of the /tɬ/ cluster by Mexican Spanish—English bilinguals Ciudad de México, Mexico (virtual)
Kaitlyn Jackson Public Health Global Health and Environment Program Investigating the link between Drinking Water Quality and Chronic Kidney Disease in Jalisco, Mexico Guadalajara, Mezcala and San Pedro Itzicán, Mexico
Harshad Hemant Karandikar PhD Environmental Science, Policy & Management Co-existence between pumas and people in the Patagonian steppe Junín de los Andes, Argentina

Gabriel Lesser

PhD Spanish and Portuguese Hegemonic Humor in Brazilian Literature São Paulo, Brazil
Reuben Perez PhD Sociology Official Ethnoracial Categorization in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
María Eugenia Rojas PhD Education Education reforms and its impact on the educational experiences of recently arrived Black immigrant students in Chile Santiago, Chile
Ramón de Santiago PhD History of Art Asia in Mexico City: Filipino Footprints in Mexican Art and Architecture Ciudad de MéxicoPuebla and Tlaxcala, México
Enrique Eduardo Valencia PhD Education Indigenous education in Mexico: Policies, curricular programmes and textbooks designed to attend diversity 2011-2019 Ciudad de México and Puebla, México
Levi Vonk PhD Medical Anthropology Post-Caravan Withdrawals: How Mexico keeps migrant caravan members out of the public eye through the legalization process Ciudad de México, México 

2018 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2018 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Michiko Arai PhD Integrative Biology Political Film in Latin America Chile and Argentina
Laura Belik PhD Architecture History, Theory and Society Concentration Camps in Northeast Brazil, 1915-1932 Fortaleza and Senador Pompeu, Brazil
Claire Boone PhD School of Public Health Improving Chile's Diet Santiago, Chile
Pascale Boucicaut MA Folklore Fences as Patrons of the Racist State Panama City, Panamá
Julia Flor Branco MA City and Regional Planning Adapting to Climate Threats in Aguascalientes Aguascalientes, México
Priscila Coli Rocha PhD City and Regional Planning Growing Informal Spaces in Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Nova Iguaçc and São Joao de Meriti, Brazil
Stephanie Covarrubias MPH GHE Environment, Health and Safety Anthropology Training in Guatemala: Why Hapin? Japala and Guatemala City, Guatemala
Evan Fernández   PhD History Race Beyond Borders: Japanese Migration to Chile, 1900–1950 Santiago, Chile
Lucy Gill PhD Anthropology Human-environment interaction in pre-Hispanic Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua: a historical ecology approach Zapatera Archipelago, Nicaragua
Lesdi Goussen PhD History of Art Art and Resistance in Central America Ciudad de México, México; Granada and Rivas, Nicaragua, and San José, Costa Rica
Jimmy Mahady  MS Public Policy Electric Vehicles and Environmental Justice in Mexico City Distrito Federal, México
Isaac Marck Integrative Biology Investigating Intercontinental Disjunctions in the Rock Daisies (Perityle; Asteraceae) Santiago and Concepción, Chile
Aaron Pomerantz PhD Integrative Biology How Does an Animal Become Invisible? Gamboa, Panamá
Adriana Ramirez PhD Sociology El Sueño Mexicano: Returning Migrant Youth’s Adaptation Experience in Mexico Oaxaca, México
Heather Regen MS Public Policy Prosperity or Precarity? Driving for Uber in Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Francesca Rubino MS Public Health Finding a Drop to Drink in Guadalajara Guadalajara, México
Diana Ruiz  PhD Film and Media Places of Memory in Buenos Aires Buenos Aires and La Plata, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile
Katherine Siegel  PhD Environmental Sciences, Policy, & Management Hurricanes, Climate Change, and Agriculture Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Venecia Slotten   PhD Anthropology Everyday Use of Plants in Prehispanic Costa Rica Liberia and Tilaran, Costa Rica
Emma Steigerwald PhD Environmental Sciences, Policy, & Management Invisible Imprints of Glacial Melt Cordillera Vilcanota, Perú
Alice Taylor PhD Graduate School of Education Practicing the Future: Brazilian Youth, Educational Aspiration, and Collective Justice Pará, Brazil
Robyn Taylor-Neu PhD Anthropology Angling towards Antarctica: A preliminary study of scientific "expedition" tourism in Ushuaia, Argentina Buenos Aires and Neuquen, Argentina

Caroline Tracey

PhD Geography Boundary Waters Between Mexico and the U.S. Ciudad de México, México
Levi Vonk  PhD Medical Anthropology Central American Migration Through Mexico Ciudad de México, Mexico
Naomi Wilcox MPH Public Health Epidemiology of Zika Virus in Brazil: Zika infection during pregnancy and Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS) Niteroi, Brazil
Jacob Wolbert PhD Music The Autoral Alternative Music Scene of Goiâna, Brazil Goania, Brazil

2017 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2017 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Tracy Brannstrom MA Anthropology/Folklore Evolving Traditional Medicine in the Urban Amazon Iquitos and Lima, Perú
Nicole-Marie Cotton PhD African American & African Diaspora Studies On the Cusp of Recognition: The Afro-Mexican Racial Moment in Mexico City Ciudad de México, México
Meg Cychosz PhD Linguistics Language-specific Sources of Acoustic Stability in Phonological Development Cochabamba and Chuqisaca, Bolivia
Catarina de Morais Gama  PhD Spanish and Portuguese Augusto Boal: Staging Resistance against the Brazilian Military Dictatorship Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jimena Diaz Leiva PhD Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Assessing the Toxic Effects of Mercury Transfer From Aquatic to Terrestrial Ecosystems in the Peruvian Amazon Lima and Puerto Maldonado, Perú 
Alfonso Fierro PhD Spanish and Portuguese Doctor Atl’s Olinka: the Search for a Utopian City Ciudad de México, México
Robin Fink  MPH School of Public Health - Health and Social Behavior Learning from Successful Intercultural Midwifery Models of Care: From Summer MPH internship at Centro Osa Mayor in Tulum, México to the Ecuadorian Amazon Tulum, México
Monica Gimenes PhD Spanish and Portuguese Women, Violence, and the Nation in Brazilian Literature and Film Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jesús Gutiérrez  PhD Anthropology Territory and Progress: Manifesting Regional Consciousness in Southern Brazil Porto Alegre, Brazil
 Drew Ellison Hart PhD Environmental Science, Policy, & Management Intraspecific morphological variation across climatic gradients in cloud forest epiphytes San José, Costa Rica
Clarissa Margaret Ibarra PhD History Becoming “Professional” Socialists: The Cuban-Soviet Collaboration for Development Havana, Cuba
 Rosa Alicia Jiménez PhD Integrative Biology Central American cloud forest, a magical ecosystem where everything is alive Guatemala City, Guatemala
Carlos Martinez  PhD Anthropology Central America’s Silent Massacre: The Politics of Chronic Kidney Disease Amidst Scientific Uncertainty San Salvador, El Salvador and Managua, Nicaragua 
Julia Nee PhD Linguistics Conceptualization and Linguistic Encoding of Spatial Concepts in South Bolivian Quechua Cochabamba, Bolivia
Yessica Liliana Porras PhD History of Art Colonial Mural Painting Pilgrimage through the Northern Andes Quito and Cuenca, Ecuador and Bogotá and Popayan, Colombia

Sebastian Rubiano-Galvis

PhD Environmental Science, Policy, & Management The social and political dimensions of global detoxification: Towards a mercury-free world in the artisanal and small scale gold mining sector in Colombia Bogotá, Leticia, and Inírida, Colombia
Manuel Santana Palacios  PhD City and Regional Planning Exploring the impact on public transportation reforms on low-income residents in Colombia Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, Colombia
Carlos Schmidt Padilla La Vida es un Carnaval- Understanding the experiences of Mexican Laborers Employed in the US Traveling Carnival IndustryPhD Political Science Elite Networks, State Capture, and Democratic Development in Central America San Salvador, El Salvador and Guatemala City, Guatemala
Vicente Tinoco PhD Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Sediment management in dams in the Andes Quito, Cuenca and Ambato, Ecuador; Lima, Cuzco and Iquitos, Peru; La Paz, Bolivia
Miles Culpepper PhD History Guatemala’s Cold War Diaspora, 1954-1996 Antigua and Guatemala City, Guatemala

2016 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2016 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Diego Arevalo PhD Spanish & Portuguese The Endless Colonization of the Amazon Forest Popayán, Leticia and Puerto Nariño, Colombia
Gabriela Borge PhD Graduate School of Education Intercultural Translation in Education: the case of Iknal at the Maya Intercultural University of Quintana Roo, México Ciudad de México, José María Morelos, Chetumal and Mérida, México
Levi Bridges MJ Graduate School  of Journalism La Vida es un Carnaval- Understanding the experiences of Mexican Laborers Employed in the US Traveling Carnival Industry Ciudad de México and Tlapacoyan, México
Angela Castillo PhD Anthropology An unstable terrain for peace: illegal gold mining, socio-environmental conflicts, and ecological degradation in Colombia Bogotá and Quibdó, Colombia
Mario Castillo PhD Anthropology The Mexican Countryside, Past and Present Ciudad de México and San Ildefonso Tultepec, México
Betsabé D. Castro Escobar PhD Integrative Biology Can human selection of ethnobotanical plants enhance phenotypic variation? The case of the calabash tree (Crescentia cujete) in Cuba & Dominican Republic Havana, Cuba and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Marianela D'Aprile MS Architecture Progress through Erasure: The case of the Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno Buenos Aires, Argentina
Patricio Dominguez  PhD Goldman School of Public Policy Crime and the role of different actors of the criminal justice system in Chile Santiago, Chile
 Elena Duran PhD Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education Impact of a Science and Technology After-School Workshop on Children’s Scientific and Engineering Identities - Cuenca, Ecuador Cuenca, Ecuador
 Ignacio Escalante PhD Environmental Science, Policy and Management Tropical biology and ships: Animal behavior research with background whistles Panama City, Panamá
Shane Fallon MPH Public Health Diet, sugary drinks, and obesity in Peru Trujillo, Perú
Sophie Fitzmaurice PhD History Infrastructure and the Environment in Mexico Cancun and Campeche, México
Marcelo Felipe Garzo Montalvo PhD Ethnic Studies La Fiesta de la Tirana Santiago, Chile
Javier Jauregui  PhD Integrative Biology The dwarves' houses in the forest of Central Chile Santiago, Chile
Craig Johnson  PhD History Delving into the archives of the Latin American Right Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Paraná, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile
Christopher Lesser PhD Geography Social Ecologies of Brazil's Atlantic Forest São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Cristobal Madero PhD Graduate School of Education History, Education, and Conflict Resolution in Chile Tirua and Santiago, Chile
Nain Martinez PhD Environmental Science, Policy and Management The effects of climate and energy policies in the development of renewable energy in the Mexican power sector Ciudad de México and Aguascalientes, México
Esteban Mirón Marván PhD Anthropology Chol past ontologies: Social indigenous Archaeology in the region of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico Distrito Federal and Palenque, Mexico
Franklin Moreno  PhD Graduate School of Education Honduras: Violence, Research and Young People’s Patterns of Thought Tegucigalpa, Honduras
John Mundell PhD African Studies Silences and Surveillance in an Authoritarian Archive: Researching disciplinary practices for homosexuality in the Brazilian Navy Salvador and Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Emily Pearman MPH School of Public Health Urinary Tract Infections in a slum community in Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nicole Ramsey PhD African American & African Diaspora Studies Black cultural exchange and identity formations in Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica
Ruth Rouvier  PhD Linguistics Miskitu Language Field Research Planning Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua
Valentina Rozas-Krause PhD Architecture Excavating Memory in Santiago and Buenos Aires Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina
Naomi Schoenfeld PhD Anthropology Biomedical Innovation in Late Socialist Cuba Havana, Cuba
Becca Shareff PhD Cognition and Development Examining Experiential Science Education in Sistema de Aprendizaje Tutorial Program Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Ashley Smiley PhD Integrative Biology Comparative Fast Forward and Vertical Flight Trajectories in Colombian Hummingbirds Bogotá, Colombia

Chris Sullivan

PhD History Estate Management Under Crisis in Revolutionary Mexico Ciudad de México, México
Matías Tagle MS School of Public Health Assessment of Household Air Pollution in Paraguay Santiago, Chile; Asunción, Paraguay and Guatemala City, Guatemala
Carrie Tribble PhD Integrative Biology Sampling Bomarea tubers in Antioquia: A Preliminary Evaluation of Chemical Defense in Underground Storage Organs Medellín, Colombia
Elisa Ugarte MA Graduate School of Education Mother's Role Construction and Self Efficacy in Family School Relationships Santiago, Chile
Jose Vasquez-Carvajal PhD Economics Network of Firms and the Aggregate Economy: Evidence from Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica

2014 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2014 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Juan Pablo Atal PhD Economics Income Inequality and the Tax System in Chile Santiago, Chile
Hector Beltrán PhD Anthropology The Mexican Tech Startup Boom Distrito Federal, México

Diego Ponce de León Barido

MS/PhD Energy and Resources Group An Opportunity to Include People in Nicaragua’s Low Carbon Energy Transition Managua, Nicaragua
Christopher Carter PhD Political Science The Challenges of Mexican Elections  Distrito Federal, México
Elizabeth McKenna   PhD Sociology  Politics and Protest (and Lack Thereof) in Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Emily Kearney  PhD Environmental, Science, Policy, and Management  Many flowers, few fruits: Pollen limitation in wild and cultivated Theobroma cacao Quito, Ecuador
Maria-Fátima Santos PhD Sociology Brazil’s Prison Reforms: Transforming Penal Systems and Democracy? Vitoria, Brazil
César Bowley Castillo MA Latin American Studies Dignidad Agropecuaria Nacional: The Rebirth of the Agrarian Movement in Colombia Bogotá, Colombia

2013 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2013 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Pierre Bachas PhD Economics Access to finance and informality: The Mexican tax on cash deposits Distrito Federal, México

Katharine Burmaster

MS/MD Joint Medical Program Impacts of a Fair Wage Factory Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Gabriel Damasco do Vale PhD Integrative Biology Understanding the origin and the landscape dynamics of white-sand vegetation in Amazonia Manaus, Brazil
Aurora Fenney-Kleinfeldt  PhD Anthropology Studying the Yucatec Maya Language Mérida, Mexico
Andrés García Molina MA Latin American Studies Yajé and the Harmonica: A Study in Sound and Ritual Bogotá & Cali, Colombia
Sebastian Griscti PhD Spanish & Portuguese The Unexpected Literary Archive Montevideo, Uruguay
Juan Ernesto Guevara Andino PhD Integrative Biology Tree Species Turnover in Western Amazonia Francisco de Orellana, Ecuador; Iquitos, Perú
Jevon Heath PhD Linguistics Yaminawa Language Documentation Project Sepahua, Perú
Anne Hoffman MA Journalism Abortion in Chile  Santiago, Chile
Aaron Hyman PhD History of Art Rubens in a New World: The Role of Flemish Prints in the Transatlantic Spanish Empire Cuzco, Perú
Guillermo Jaimes PhD Environmental, Science, Policy, and Management  Community Engaged Research in Salvador, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rose Kagawa PhD Public Health Adolescent Childbearing and Upward Mobility: Exploring the parenting experience of young mothers in a parent support program in Mexico Distrito Federal, México
John Landefeld MS/MD Joint Medical Program Un Salario Digno and Subjective Social Status Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Ana Alicia Levin MS/MD Joint Medical Program Alli Kiru: Oral Health and Food Practices Among Amazonian Kichwa Youth Quito, Ecuador
Suzanne Li Puma PhD Rhetoric Precarious Writing and Delicate Perception in the Visual Field, 1960-1980 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andrea Marston PhD Geography The Other Side of Cooperation: Cooperative Mines in Bolivia La Paz, Bolivia
Ernesto Munoz Lamartine  PhD Public Policy The Politics of Consumer Rights in Latin America Santiago, Chile
Gopal Penny PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering Discovering Research Opportunities in Quito, Ecuador Quito, Ecuador
Nicole Rosner PhD Sociocultural Anthropology Problematizing Socio-Spatial Development in the Margins of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Samantha Rudolph MS/MD Joint Medical Program FRIDA: Forwarding Research for Improved Detection and Access for Cervical Cancer Screening in Tlaxcala, Mexico Distrito Federal, México
Geoffrey Taylor PhD Anthropology Archaeological Reconnaissance in Arequipa, Peru Lima, Perú
Julia Tierney PhD City & Regional Planning Governance Through Security: The Contested Remaking of Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Cristián Villalonga Torrijo PhD Jurisprudence and Social Policy  The Rhetoric of Legal Crisis Santiago, Chile
Justin West PhD Energy and Resources Group Assessment of Multi-species Fodder Bank Cropping Systems to Improve on Farm Protein Production, Food Security, and Ecological Resilience Villavicencio, Colombia; Lima and Iquitos, Perú; Salta and Buenos Aires, Argentina
Moises Yi PhD Economics  Social Interactions and Worker Productivity: Firm Level Evidence Natal, Brazil

2012 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

2012 Tinker Summer Field Research Grant Recipients

*click on the project name for more information
Name Program Project Location
Krista Brune PhD Spanish and Portuguese Translating Brazil: Imagining a Misplaced and In-Between Nation São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Daniela Peña Corvillon 

MA Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning A Plan to Reverse the Negative Developments of the Cauto River, Cuba Havana, Cuba
Erin Donnelly PhD Linguistics Documentation of Choapan Zapotec Veracrauz, Mexico
John Erickson PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering Intermittent Water Supply Managua, Nicaragua
Melanie J. Miller PhD Anthropology Investigating Human Diet and Bone Health in the Colombian Andes: Prehistoric and early Spanish Colonial Experiences Bogotá, Colombia
Eugenia Giraudy PhD Political Science Expanding Electoral Coalitions: Conservative Parties in Argentina and Mexico Distrito Federal, México
Daniel Peixoto Irby MS/MD Joint Medical Program Validation of a Survey for Assessment of Human Milk Bank Promotion at Herculano Pinheiro Maternity Hospital in Madureira, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 
Sebastian Edson Macedo PhD Spanish and Portuguese Tracking the Silence of the Backland: In search of a non-Euclidean criticism on the Massacre of Canudos São Paulo, Brazil
Maria S. Martinez-Gutierrez PhD Health Services & Policy Analysis Santiago, Chile
Tracy Misiewicz PhD Integrative Biology Ecological Divergence in a Tropical Tree: Protium subserratum (Burseraceae) Iquitos, Perú
Nicholas Orozco MS/MD Public Health Dietary Practices In the Face of Globalization: Preserving Culture Among Indigenous Communities of Pueblo Kichwa Ecuador to Promote Health Quito, Ecuador
Megan Peppel  PhD Sociology Mortgage-Finance Practices and the Reshaping of Socioeconomic Inequality in Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Erin C. Rodriguez PhD Anthropology The Multivocality of Daily Life at the Intersection of Past and Presents Arequipa, Perú
Flavio G. Silva de la Mora PhD Anthropology Lithic communities of practice in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands: looking at Political and Economic Integration in the Late Classic (700-900 C.E.) Palenque, Chiapas, México
Jessica Stair PhD History of Art Marian Imagery and its Transformations Distrito Federal, México
David Tamayo PhD History Voluntary Associations and the Mexican Middle Class, 1920-1960 Distrito Federal, México
Darko Davor Cotoras Viedma  PhD Integrative Biology Colonization of the most isolated island on Earth Rapa Nui, Chile
Victor Villalobos  PhD Public Health Trying to improve food choice and fight information asymmetry in the Latin-American food market Distrito Federal, México; Asunción, Paraguay
Ashton Wesner PhD Environmental, Science, Policy, and Management  Transforming National Identity: race, nature, and desertification in Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina