International Climate Change Policy and its Socio-Environmental Impacts in the Local Scale: The Case of Wind Energy Development in Mexico


My research focuses on the development of new renewable energy and its potential social and environmental impacts. The purpose of the trip was to understand better how the recent changes in the climate and energy policies are driving the development of renewable energy in the Mexican Power sector. During the field research, I did contact with key researchers (Blanca Torres and Raul Pacheco-Vega) and government institutions (Climate Change at National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change and Ministry of Energy), reviewed grey literature (government reports, laws, sectoral plans, company reports), and identify interesting projects/locations to a potential case of study. As a result of this field research, I reviewed the regulatory and policy framework of the power sector prior to the last reform in this sector and described the state of renewable energy in the country during that period; as well as the climate change policy and its relationship to the development of renewable energy. The research results will be part of the first chapter of my thesis and help me to improve my definition of a research problem.

Nain Martinez
Publication date: 
August 27, 2016
Publication type: 
Student Research