Event Co-sponsorship Policies

An enthusiastic ovation from the audience in response to Ricardo Lagos and Robert Reich on inequality. (Photo by Jim Block.)

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies collaborates with students to support public events and working group activities. This page lays out our sponsorship policies and procedures. 


  1. Once CLACS has agreed to support your activity, review all of the information on this page, and then sign the agreement document.
  2. Submit your proposed budget to CLACS. Make a copy of the budget template, and save it in your event folder in google drive (link provided by CLACS). 
  3. To use funding for travel (lodging, transport, per diem) outside of the US, you must request approval at least 30 days before the travel date. Request approval by sending travel information included on this form to CLACS as an email or google doc. 
  4. CLACS will work with you to prepare for the event, including financial processes, event planning, and publicity (see timeline, below).
  5. CLACS can support your event by publicizing it in our listserve and/or sharing on social media. If you would like the Center to publicize for your event, you should submit the Publicity Information Form in a timly manner (see timeline). 

  6. CLACS can design a promotional flyer, if you like. Submit a promotional photo or image that is either Creative Commons or for which you have permission to use (min 1500x1000 pixels). You can also create your own design using one version of the CLACS logo, linked below.  
  7. After the event, submit a brief report, photographs, and attendance numbers (details in the co-sponsorship agreement). If an organizer receives over $500 in funding, they are committed to writing an entry for the CLACS Blog. 
  8. CLACS will make a video of the event, which will be hosted on our YouTube channel. 

Event Planning Timeline

Due dateActivity
6 weeks before the eventHonoraria: Provide the speaker's email address, and for tax purposes, we need to know if they are a US citizen / Permanent Resident, or not.
4 weeks before the eventPublicity: Provide the copy (see templates below) and image or flyer (see details above).
4 weeks before the eventTravel: If funding covers travel (lodging, transport, per diem) outside of the US, provide travel details (see details above)
1 week before the eventEvent Program: If CLACS is hosting the event (on Zoom or at CLACS), submit event timeline (speaker order, if there will be powerpoints, timing, roles of everyone involved, and other details)
Event dateProduce a successful event!
1 week after the eventReport: Send 3 photographs, and attendance numbers to CLACS
1-2 weeks after the eventEvent Video: Work with CLACS to edit the event video closed captions and subtitles, if needed
2 weeks after the eventBlog: If the organizer received over $500 to support the event, they should submit brief blog post.
6 weeks after the eventFunding: Final day to submit requests for reimbursements
Last day of the semester (12/15/23 or 5/10/24)Funding: Final day to spend co-sponsorship funds