History, Education, and Conflict Resolution in Chile


An important component of this project was to interview 450 students in 8 different high schools in Chile. Included in that number were our experimental group (the students of the teachers who participated in the exchange program in the conflicted zone in the south of Chile), and our various control groups. All in all, the experience was a success from every point of view. I could collect the data from the students (first wave of the study), and also create a contact network with teachers and schools both in Santiago and Tirua (a town in the South of Chile). I could also generate contacts and close a contract with a film producer who will work in the post-production phase of the documentary that was recorded during the experience. Besides that, the experience for the teachers who participated in the program was a confirmation of my intuitions regarding the important role that reflection plays in the life of teachers. Those teachers are today more prepared than before to embrace the critical task of providing a more thorough version of the conflict between the Chilean and the Indigenous People in Chilean territory.

Cristobal Madero
Publication date: 
August 27, 2016
Publication type: 
Student Research