Income and health insurance type in Chile: Effects on health and health services utilization


I was born in Chile where I received my professional training as a MD. I am a faculty member at the University of Chile on study leave pursuing my doctoral degree in Health Services and Policy Analysis. In Chile I conducted field research activities in the context of a study of costs of tobacco use in Santiago. The purpose of my trip was to develop contacts with the Office of the Health Superintendent and conduct a pilot qualitative study. Although I e-mailed the Office incessantly and called almost daily I was not able to get an appointment with the Providers Commissioner. However, I was able to interview the Chief of the Research Department of the Chilean Medical Association who had been a Providers Commissioner during the last administration. I was also able to interview 12 primary healthcare managers and physicians and conduct 2 focus groups with patients in the Municipality of San Miguel in Santiago de Chile. I have started transcribing and analyzing all the data I collected. This information will help me to decide what steps to take next in the fieldwork process. Finally, I contacted a research assistant while in Chile who is currently conducting focus groups and interviews with patients.

Soledad Martinez-Gutierrez
Publication date: 
September 6, 2012
Publication type: 
Student Research