The Autoral Alternative Music Scene of Goiânia, Brazil


I traveled to Goiânia, Brazil with the purpose of making research connections with people involved in the alternative music scene, attending concerts, and determining the feasibility of Goiânia as a field site for a long-term project. Prior to this trip, I had been to Brazil three times, including twice for music research purposes. I have also conducted fieldwork in various forms in both Wisconsin and California over the past five years. While in Goiânia this summer, I attended multiple festivals and concerts and began to build professional relationships with musicians, producers, and technicians involved in Goiânia's alternative (or "indie") rock scene. I also partook in many informal conversations about important issues at play in the lives of musicians operating within this scene. I intentionally chose to make this preliminary trip about building interpersonal connections and friendships in order to facilitate the process of returning for a longer period of time. I feel that I was successful in this objective and that I will be able to begin more formal ethnography upon my return almost immediately. Additionally, I became more aware of the important role social media plays in how artists disseminate musical information (tours, shows, albums, and other projects) and relate to their cultural milieu (politically, and in crafting individual personae). While my work in this first visit did not focus as much on formal interviews or studies, I consider it extremely useful as an investment in future ethnographic encounters.

Jacob Wolbert
Publication date: 
August 30, 2018
Publication type: 
Student Research