Trying to improve food choice and fight information asymmetry in the Latin-American food market


Before I came to Berkeley, I was involved in the evaluation of several governmental programs in Mexico. The most relevant to me, were those about nutritional orientation. I felt the need to be more creative and come up with innovative and more effective solutions. For example I had a hunch about using mobile technology to disseminate nutritional advice and strategies to choose food products. After one year at Berkeley, I have some connections and a clear idea of a smartphone app to make this happen. The trip to Mexico helped me promote this idea among some institutions, like PROFECO, “El poder del consumidor” and other non governamental organizations. A potential funding opportunity was reached and some connections to disseminate the app as well. One lesson I have gotten is that to push ideas is great to be in person, but it is always necessary to follow through and talk the diplomacy language wherever you go. (The trip to Paraguay was cancelled because the connections there were in not the best conditions prior to the sudden political conditions that emerged in that country).

Victor Villalobos
Publication date: 
October 18, 2012
Publication type: 
Student Research