Impact of a Science and Technology After-School Workshop on Children’s Scientific and Engineering Identities - Cuenca, Ecuador


It has been suggested that the study of identity is a powerful tool for analyzing and understanding societies, schools, and learning. Furthermore, the study of scientific identity, and more recently engineering identity, are prominent topics among educational researchers around the world. In this research project, I proposed to carry out a study to discover whether the Pequeñ@s Cientific@s program, an afterschool science, and engineering workshop located in Cuenca, Ecuador, have any effect on children’s scientific and engineering identities. As part of the study the parents of the children were surveyed, 50% of the classes were video recorded, and 33% of the participants and their parents were interviewed once the workshops were over. Unfortunately, not all of the initially proposed activities were carried out as planned due to unforeseen circumstances, therefore the original objectives were not completely fulfilled. However, this project─being my first field research experience─helped me to realize the many hindrances and challenges a researcher faces when conducting studies, especially internationally. The lessons learned will certainly help me to plan better projects in the future, and I hope the data obtained will inform the design and implementation of interventions I would like to develop as part of my doctoral studies.

Elena Duran
Publication date: 
August 27, 2016
Publication type: 
Student Research