The Unexpected Literary Archive


My research studied two archives in Montevideo, Uruguay: one at the national university, and a second one at the national library. I am originally from Uruguay, but I have being studied abroad for the last ten years. I went twice before to take classes at the national university (Universidad de la Republica), where I met a group of professors who encourage me to visit those unpublished archives. I was able to visit them, and found several newspapers and magazine collections, which I scanned and intent to make them available online in the near future. The archive shows the Uruguayan struggle to differentiate themselves from Argentina, from which they have gained independence only 60 years before. The relationship between Uruguay and Argentina is also a great example to show the European intervention in Latin America in the process of independence and their ongoing influence in the cultural sphere almost one hundred years later. I am excited to keep exploring this project, which is going to be central to my comprehensive exams and my dissertation. 

Sebastian Griscti
Publication date: 
September 24, 2013
Publication type: 
Student Research