Lithic communities of practice in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands: looking at Political and Economic Integration in the Late Classic (700-900 C.E.)


This study is the foundation for a PhD dissertation in the Archaeology program at the Anthropology department at UC Berkeley. It examines domestic activities at the site of Chinikihá located in the Northwestern Maya Lowlands of Mexico during the Late Classic (700-900 CE). The aim of the study is to understand ancient Maya economy and exchange systems during ancient times by excavating a stone tool workshop and the dwellings associated with each other. This study is part of collaboration between UC Berkeley and the UNAM in Mexico. As well as part of a regional survey aimed at understanding the arrangement of settlement at all levels. This trip is the second field season in preparation for my PhD theses. The study is meant to understand ancient local communities and their lithic traditions to better comprehend the archaeology of the region. The information generated this field season is the foundation for an NSF dissertation improvement grant that I will be applying to in the next few months. 

Flavio G. Silva de la Mora
Publication date: 
October 10, 2012
Publication type: 
Student Research