Fall 2015 Events

Professor Raymond Telles close up

Screening: A Photographer’s Journey

Directed by Raymond Telles and Yvan Iturriaga (United States, 2015)
September 10, 2015 | Film screening and Director's talk

Charles Ferguson taking questions from the audience, seating next to Harley Shaiken

Screening: Time to Choose

Directed by Charles Ferguson (United States, 2015)
September 18, 2015 | Film screening and Director's talk

Claudia Bernardi speaking at UC Berkeley wearing a blue dress

Unspoken Words/Steps on Sand

Claudia Bernardi
September 21, 2015

From left: Presidents Evo Morales, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,  José Mujica, Dilma Rousseff, and Nicolás Maduro

Latin America: From the Crisis of Neoliberalism to the Crisis of Neo-Statism

Manuel Castells and Fernando Calderón
September 24, 2015

CLAS Chair Harley Shaiken moderates a discussion with Lowell Bergman, Daffodil Altan, and Andrés Cediel. All seated in front of the audience

Screening: Rape on the Night Shift

Written by Lowell Bergman and Andrés Cediel (United States, 2015) 
October 5, 2015 | Film screening and Director's talk

Image from the cover of No Dar Papaya, a picture of a palm tree on the beach

Book Debut: No Dar Papaya: Fotografías de Colombia, 2003-2013

Matthew O'Brien 
October 6, 2015 |Book Debut

A bride holding a glass

CineLatino: Wild Tales

Directed by Damián Szifron (Argentina, 2014)
October 7, 2015 | Part of the Fall 2015 CineLatino Series

A group of men holding guns

CineLatino: Cartel Land

Directed by Matthew Heineman (United States, 2015)
October 21, 2015 | Part of the Fall 2015 CineLatino Series

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas speaking at UC Berkeley, standing in front of a CLAS banner

Mexico Today: Paths to a Democratic Future

Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas
October 22, 2015

Image from cover of "Violence at the Urban Margin." White and black photo.

Theory in Practice: Violence in the Margins

Panel Discussion 
October 23, 2015

One of the workers featured in "The Hand That Feeds." A man standing in front of a bakery

Screening: The Hand That Feeds

Directed by Robin Blotnick and Rachel Lears (United States, 2014)
November 2, 2015 | Film screening and Director's talk

Portrair of Guadalupe Rivera y Marín at CLAS, November 2015

The Mexico of My Father Diego Rivera

Guadalupe Rivera y Marín
November 3, 2015

Image from "The Second Mother": two women hanging wet clothes

CineLatino: The Second Mother

Directed by Anna Muylaert (Brazil, 2015)
November 4, 2015 | Part of the Fall 2015 CineLatino Series

Black and white photo of people playing soccer at the beach in Rio de Janeiro

Dancing with the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro on the Brink

Juliana Barbassa 
November 9, 2015 | Author's Book Talk

Detail from Alfredo Arreguín, "Games in the Canopy." Colorful art.

A Conversation with the Artist: Alfredo Arreguín

Alfredo Arreguín
November 17, 2015 

Image from "Mr. Kaplan"

CineLatino: Mr. Kaplan

Directed by Álvaro Brechner (Uruguay, 2014)
November 18, 2015 | Part of the Fall 2015 CineLatino Series

Photo of Angelina Snodgrass Godoy smiling with a logo of a yellow heart with the word #CLAS inside

Big Give 2015

Support CLAS
November 19, 2015

Jeffrey L. Gould speaking with a microphone

Screening: The Word in the Woods

Written and directed by Jeffrey L. Gould and Carlos Henriquez Consalvi (United States, 2012)
November 23, 2015 | Film screening and Director's talk

Books in Portuguese. (Photo by Mark Hillary.)

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships, 2016-17

Informational Meeting 
December 4, 2015