Fall 2021

The 2021-2022 Academic Year had a full and diverse program of events. To see the 2021-22 event series, click here. A full listing of the semester's events is below. 

A man and woman silhouetted against a red sun, Cine Latino Fall 2021 poster from "Ema." (Image courtesy of Fabula.)

CineLatino: Ema

Directed by Pablo Larraín (Chile, 2019) 
September 10, 2021 | Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

A map of South America

Screening: Una escuela llamada América

Directed by Antonia Mardones Marshall (Chile, 2021) 
September 17, 2021 | Film screening and Director's talk

Image from "Los Lobos" (The Wolves.) (Image courtesy of Animal de Luz Films.)

CineLatino: Los lobos

Directed by Samuel Kishi Leopo (Mexico, 2019)
September 10, 2021 | Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

 Sótera Cruz as the young woman lead character from "Xquipi' Guie'dani (Guie’dani's Navel)".

CineLatino: Xquipi' Guie'dani (Guie’dani's Navel, El ombligo de Guie’dani)

Directed by Xavi Sala (Mexico, 2019)
September 24, 2021 | Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

White poster of the exhibition


September 29, 2021

Huenu Paz Paredes as the main character in "Yo, niña" (I, Girl.) (Image courtesy of Ajimolido Films.)

CineLatino: Yo, niña

Directed by Natural Arpajou (Argentina, 2018)
October 1, 2021 | Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

Rodrigo Santoro in a promotional image for "Un Traductor (A Translator)". (Image courtesy of Involving Pictures.)

CineLatino: Un traductor

Directed by Rodrigo Barriuso and Sebastián Barriuso (Cuba/Canada, 2018)
October 8, 2021 | Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

AfroMexicanidad Poster


October 14, 2021

Gabino Rodríguez and Luisa Pardo as the siblings at the heart of Fauna. (Image courtesy of Interior13 Cine.)


Nicolás Pereda

Abelardo de la Cruz teaching Nahuatl at CLAS

An Introduction to Nahuatl

Abelardo de la Cruz de la Cruz
November 9, 2021

Woman and girl at a protest

A Forum on Memory and Human Rights

November 11, 2021

A student measures a tree in the forest

Tinker Field Research Grant Competition: Information Session

Information Session
November 16, 2021

Francia Marquez

¡No son 30 pesos, son 30 años! Social movements in Latin America

Francia Márquez, Verónica Gago, Lucía Cavallero, Tianna Paschel and Elena Schneider

Books in Portuguese. (Photo by Mark Hillary.)

FLAS Information Session

Information Session
December 1, 2021