CineLatino: Un traductor

Directed by Rodrigo Barriuso and Sebastián Barriuso (Cuba/Canada, 2018)

Part of the Fall 2021 CineLatino Series

October 8, 2021


Un traductor (2018) | Trailer | Rodrigo Santoro | Maricel Álvarez | Yoandra Suárez


Based on the little-known true story of twenty thousand Chernobyl victims who eventually received medical treatment in Cuba, Un Traductor tells the tale of a Russian literature professor who receives a mysterious note. The note is from the government, him to a local hospital, where he learns he is expected to act as translator between Cuban doctors and the families of young patients from the Chernobyl disaster. But while he becomes “king of the kids” at the hospital, his relationships with his pregnant wife and young son suffer. 107 minutes. Spanish and Russian with English subtitles.

Cuba’s submission for Best Foreign Language Film in the Academy Awards.

The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, SPAIN arts & culture, and the Secretary of State for Culture of Spain.