Fall 2016 Tinker Field Research Symposium

Research Talks

October 27, 2016

Event Description

This symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the current research done by UC Berkeley graduate students who spent last summer in Latin America. Field research grants were provided by CLAS with the generous support of the Tinker Foundation.

Thursday, October 27

Christopher Sullivan (History)“The Search for Management Policy in the Mexican Revolution"
Matias Tagle (Public Health)"Household Air Pollution from Biomass Burning in Urban and Rural Region of Paraguay”
Shane Fallon (Public Health)“Dietary changes in Trujillo, Peru and contribution to the rise of non-communicable diseases in Trujillo and policy implications”
Carrie Tribble (Integrative Biology)“Comparative Evolutionary Biogeography of Underground Secondary Metabolites in Geophytic Plants”
John Mundell (African American Studies)“Black Navy, Queer Navy: Queer black masculine survival in the Brazilian Navy on base, onboard, and on leave”
Cristobal Madero (Education)“Mitigating Conflicts Through Education in Chile"
Jose Vazquez-Carvajal (Economics)"Network of Firms and the Aggregate Economy: Evidence from Costa Rica"
Ashley Smiley (Integrative Biology)"Comparative flight in Andean hummingbirds of Colombia"

Friday, October 27

Ruth Rouvier (Linguistics)"Miskitu Language Field Research Planning"
Gabriela Borge (Education)"Intercultural Translation in Education: the case of Iknal at the Maya University of Quintana Roo, México"
Esteban Marvan (Anthropology)"Chol past ontologies: Social indigenous Archaeology in the region of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico"
Betsabe Castro (Integrative Biology)
Emily Pearman (Public Health)"Host-pathogen dynamics of drug-resistant and recurrent urinary tract infections in diabetic and non-diabetic residents of a slum population in a major Brazilian urban center"
Nain Martinez (Environmental Science, Policy and Management)"International Climate Change Policy and its Socio-Environmental Impacts in the Local Scale: The Case of Wind Energy Development in Mexico"
Sophie Fitzmaurice (History)"Technologies of the Sea: Contesting Sovereignty over the Water in the Nineteenth Century Caribbean"
Nicole Ramsey (African American Studies)"Cultural Exchange and Identity Formations in Afro-Costa Rica"