The Challenge of Inclusive Development

Robert Reich and José Miguel Benavente

Part of the Chile-California Conference

October 31, 2014

The Challenge of Inclusive Development

Event Description

The Chile-California Conference is an annual event created in 2012 by the Chilean Student Associations of UC Berkeley, Stanford and UC Davis. Its objective is fostering a constructive dialogue between academics, students, entrepreneurs, and professionals from both Chile and California to promote exchange of ideas and international collaboration.


Robert Reich of UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and Chilean economist José Miguel Benavente of the Inter-American Development Bank discuss the origins and consequences of inequality in the U.S. and Chilean economies with Harley Shaiken, Professor and Chair of Berkeley’s Center for Latin American Studies.

More Information

Read "Inequality: Inclusive Development and Democracy" by James Gerardo Lamb in the Fall 2015 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies.