2018 Tinker Summer Field Research Presentations - Part III

Research Talks

February 6, 2019

Event Description

This symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the current research done by UC Berkeley graduate students who spent last summer in Latin America. Field research grants were provided by CLAS with the generous support of the Tinker Foundation.

Five students seating at a round table talking

Event Program

Adriana Ramirez (Sociology)"El Sueño Mexicano: Returning Migrant Youth’s Adaptation Experience in Mexico” (Oaxaca, Mexico)
Ana Lucia Tello (Spanish and Portuguese)“Itinerant Photographers in the Andes: Possibilities and Limitations of Self-Representation” (Lima and Cuzco, Peru)
Diana Ruiz (Film and Media)“Aesthetics of Justice: Forced Disappearances and the Politics of Display” (Buenos Aires and La Plata, Argentina)
Laura Belik (Architecture HTS)“Spaces of Exclusion: Concentration Camps in Northern Brazil” (Fortaleza and Senador Pompeu, Brazil)
Jacob Wolbert (Music)“The Autoral Alternative Music Scene of Goiânia, Brazil” (Goania, Brazil)
Jimmy Mahady (Public Policy)“Vehicle Electrification to Address Environmental Justice Challenges in Mexico City” (Mexico City, Mexico)
Levi Vonk (Medical Anthropology)“Central American Migration and Humanitarian Visas in Mexico” (Mexico City, Mexico)
Naomi Wilcox (School of Public Health)“Epidemiology of Zika Virus in Brazil: Zika infection during pregnancy and Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS)” (Niteroi, Brazil)