2018 Tinker Summer Field Research Presentations - Part I

Research Talks

February 4, 2019

Event Description

This symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the current research done by UC Berkeley graduate students who spent last summer in Latin America. Field research grants were provided by CLAS with the generous support of the Tinker Foundation.

A student seating talking to the audience and pointing toward her slides

Francesca Rubino. (Photo by CLAS.)

Event Program

Heather Regen (Public Policy)“Driving Through Crisis: Gig Work During Brazil's Recession" (São Paulo, Brazil)
Francesca Rubino (Public Health)"Assessing Drinking Water Quality Issues and Relationships in Guadalajara, Mexico” (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Claire Boone (Public Health)“Understanding the Persistence of Hypertension in Latin America and the Caribbean” (Santiago, Chile)
Stephannie Covarrubias (EHS)“Anthropometric Training for HAPIN Trial” (Japala and Guatemala City, Guatemala)
Katherine Siegel (Environmental Sciences, Policy, & Management)“Impacts of hurricane strikes on agricultural production, land abandonment, and biodiversity conservation in the Dominican Republic” (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
Lesdi Goussen (History of Art)“Art and Resistance in Central America” (Mexico City, Mexico; and Granada and Rivas, Nicaragua; and San Jose, Costa Rica)