2017 Tinker Summer Field Research Presentations - Part III

Research Talks

November 17, 2017

Event Description

This symposium is a unique opportunity to learn about the current research done by UC Berkeley graduate students who spent last summer in Latin America. Field research grants were provided by CLAS with the generous support of the Tinker Foundation.

Event Program

Nicole-Marie Cotton (African American and African Diaspora Studies)“On the Cusp of Recognition: The Afro-Mexican Racial Moment in Mexico City"
Rosa Alicia Jiménez (Integrative Biology)"Avian Diversity in the Mountain Cloud Forests from Nuclear Central America”
Drew Hart (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)“Climate, Climate Change, and the Functional Morphology of Epiphytes in Costa Rican Cloud Forest”
Jimena Diaz Leiva (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)“Leveraging Bioindicators to Track the Movement of Mercury from Aquatic to Terrestrial Food Webs in Madre de Dios, Peru”
Sebastián Rubiano-Galvis (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)“Global Pollutants, Local Remedies: the Politics of Technoscience and Regulation of Mercury Abatement in Colombia”
Vicente Tinoco (Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning)“Sediment Management in Dams in the Andes”
Robin Anne Fink (School of Public Health)"Learning from Successful Intercultural Midwifery Models of Care: From Summer MPH internship at Centro Osa Mayor in Tulum, México to the Ecuadorian Amazon"