The Venezuelan Supreme Court in Exile and the Violations of Human Rights

Panel Discussion

April 10, 2019

Event Description

The Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro has been at odds with the National Assembly since his party lost its majority in the elections of 2015. Since then, Venezuela’s Supreme Court has regularly backed the Maduro administration. The Assembly has responded by using its power to appoint new justices, but none of Maduro’s supporters on the court stepped down. The impasse led to the creation of the Supreme Court of Venezuela in Exile.


Jose Sabino Zamora is Associate Justice of the Venezuelan Supreme Court in Exile. A lawyer, former court inspector in Venezuela, he has also been the President of the Court of Appeals and Chief Justice of Venezuela’s Anzoategui State Circuit Court of Appeals.

Domingo Salgado is Associate Justice of the Venezuelan Supreme Court in Exile and Vice President of the Electoral Chamber of the Supreme Court of Venezuela. He specializes in labor law and legal procedures.

Tamara Suju is an attorney, human rights activist, and representative of the World Association of Jurists before the International Criminal Court.


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