Urbanization and Public Health in Latin America

Daniel Rodríguez

Part of the Fall 2018 Bay Area Latin America Forum

October 10, 2018

The speaker is standing in front of an audience in a meeting room, gesturing towards a presentation that is behind him.

Event Description

By 2050, Latin America will be the world’s most urbanized region. This transition has meant that lifestyle diseases are becoming the leading cause of death in many areas. Professor Rodríguez will present his research that attempts to characterize built environments, show trends in life expectancy across the region, and draw connections between the two.


Daniel Rodríguez is Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and Associate Director of the Institute for Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on the reciprocal relationship between the built environment and transportation, and its effects on health and the environment. Since 2017, he has been among the 25 most cited planning scholars in North America.