The Tree of Life/El Arbol de la Vida: Opening Exhibition and Discussion

Claudia Bernardi

April 13, 2016

The speaker is sitting with other panelists on a couch that is facing a crowd of seating guests, blurred and mostly off-camera.

Event Description

The War on Drugs and the associated violence have played a large role in the decision of thousands of families in Central America to send their unaccompanied children north seeking a better and safer life. The Tree of Life, a project led by Bernardi, was created by 50 such children held in U.S. immigration detention centers, giving a glimpse of the conflict through their eyes. 


Claudia Bernardi is an Argentine painter, printmaker, and installation artist. In 2005, Bernardi created the School of Art of Perquin in El Salvador. She is Professor of Community Arts at California College of the Arts.