The Order I Live In: An Indoor Urban Symphony With Co-Director Francisco Cruces

Francisco Cruces

November 04, 2019

Francisco Cruces - Director's Q&A

Event Description

Cities have been narrated from manifold perspectives, but rarely from the inside. This ethnographic documentary on contemporary urban life highlights the voices of 20 people in Madrid, Mexico City, and Montevideo. Through narrative, stories, and objects, the “city” is no longer an anonymous locus of commodities, industry, and mass human relations, but rather a space for personal assertion and self-discovery, as well as the continuities and ruptures of modern living. 63 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.


Francisco Cruces is Professor of Anthropology at Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Spain, and a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on forms of symbolic expression in urban settings, with fieldwork in Madrid, Ciudad de México, Bogotá, and Montevideo.

Cruces standing and speaking, explaining his film-making process before the screening