Screening and Q&A Session with Director Patricia Ramos: Una Noche con los Rolling Stones

Patricia Ramos

April 25, 2024

Tráiler Una noche con Los Rolling Stones


Directed by Patricia Ramos (Cuba, 2023)

March 2016: Havana is getting ready for the arrival of The Rolling Stones for an outdoor free concert, the first by a rock group since the fall of Batista. Rita is part of what is known as the “survivors”; those over forty who stayed behind while others left the island in search of a better life. Her son wants to move in with his father in Holland, her mother insists that she is dying and, to make matters worse, she is going out with a married man. And then, as the concert is about to begin, she runs into a former boyfriend. Is this the beginning of something new for Rita?


Patricia Ramos received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Havana and in Screenplay from the International School of Film and Media of San Antonio de los Baños. Her filmography includes two documentaries and 6 short fiction films. In 2016 her first feature On the Roof won nearly 20 awards. She was the showrunner of the documentary TV series “Memories of Cuban Cinema” on Cuban TV. In 2023 she finished her second film, A Night with the Rolling Stones, for which she also wrote the script. That script received a Special Mention in the Unpublished Screenplay Contest at the Havana International Film Festival in 2019.


Presented by the Spanish & Portuguese Department, and co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, the Departments of History and Comparative Literature.