Ricardo Lagos Visits Berkeley

Ricardo Lagos

January - February 2018


Ricardo Lagos (President of Chile, 2000-2006), on a trip organized by the Center for Latin American Studies, visited UC Berkeley and northern California to meet faculty, students, and leaders concerned with renewable energy and climate change.

President Lagos speaks to students in a classroom

Ricardo Lagos, President of Chile 2000-06, speaks for CLAS at Berkeley, February 2018. (Photo by Perla Nation.)

Three men sit in a circle, talking.

President Lagos meets with Governor Jerry Brown (left) and Professor Harley Shaiken to discuss renewable energy and climate change, February 2018. (Photo by Beatriz Manz.)

Four people stand together.

President Lagos with Michael Witherell, the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where path-breaking research on renewable energy is being done. (Photo courtesy of LBNL.)

Two men look and point at a wall.

Michael Witherell (left), the director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, shows Ricardo Lagos, President of Chile 2000-06, some of the history of the lab. LBNL is a world leader in alternative and renewable energy research. (Photo courtesy of LBNL.)

President Lagos speaks to a table of Professors during a lunch meeting.

President Lagos (in light shirt) meets with members of Berkeley's faculty over lunch, February 2018. (Photo by Perla Nation.)