Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Fall 2011

Harley Shaiken and  Diego Luna walking on the Berkeley campus, December 2011. (Photo by Jim Block.)

COMMENT: Fall 2011

By Harley Shaiken |  Introducing the Fall 2011 issue of the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies and commenting on the fall semester.

A lone bus kicks up a cloud of dust on a remote dirt road in the Mexican countryside. (Photo by Lon&Queta.)

MEXICO: 72 Migrantes

By Alma Guillermoprieto |  Creating a website to memorialize the 72 migrants who were murdered in Tamaulipas in 2010 with award-winning journalist Alma Guillermoprieto.

A group of young women carrying Latin American flags march in the Hispanic Day Parade, Fifth Avenue, New York, 2010. (Photo by Asterio Iecson.)

RESEARCH: Hispanic Panethnicity

By G. Cristina Mora | Examining the forces that led to the creation of “Hispanic” identity in the United States.

APeruvian billboard featuring a magazine cover announcing the upcoming presidential election face-off between Ollanta Humala and Keiko Fujimori. (Photo by Catherine Binet, The Advocacy Peace Project Fellow, 2011.)

PERU: The Center Could Not Hold

By Tomás Bril-Mascarenhas | Looking at what happened to the centrists in Peru’s 2011 election, Professor Steven Levitsky lays out the structural weaknesses that led to a surprising election year.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and U.S. President Barack Obama at the 2009 North American Leaders Summit. (Photo courtesy of Gobierno Federal.)

U.S. - MEXICO FUTURES FORUM: Thinking Continentally

By Robert A. Pastor | Outlining the author's vision for a more united and strategic North America.

The Brazil Pavilion in the colors of the country's flag at Shanghai’s World Expo, 2010. (Photo by Ji Hoong Ng.)

ANTÔNIO BARROS DE CASTRO: Remembering an Economic Visionary

By Peter Evans | Remembering Antônio Barros de Castro, Professor Emeritus Peter Evans highlights the Brazilian economist’s contributions to our understanding of the world economy.

Leaders of the Chilean student movement: Camila Vallejo, Giorgio Jackson and Camilo Ballesteros holding a banner together at a march, September 2011. (Photo by Mario Tellez Cardemil.)

CHILE: Student Leaders Reinvent the Protest

By Ernesto Muñoz-Lamartine | Assessing the educational inequalities that sparked the mass protests known as “the Chilean winter” with Chilean student leader Giorgio Jackson.

Diego Luna with a poster advertising the "Miss Bala" screening on the Berkeley campus, December 2011. (Photo by Jim Block.)

U.S. - MEXICO FUTURES FORUM: Holding a Mirror to Mexico

By Harley Shaiken | Reviewing the film “Miss Bala” and describing the special advanced screening CLAS hosted in December with the film’s producer Diego Luna.

President-elect Barack Obama shakes the hand of President Felipe Calderón, January 2009. (Photo courtesy of Gobierno Federal.)

U.S. - MEXICO FUTURES FORUM: Missed Connections

By Sarah Krupp | Describing the dynamics of the U.S.–Mexico diplomatic relationship with Rafael Fernández de Castro, the former foreign policy advisor to Mexican president Felipe Calderón

A uniformed officer patrols New York’s Washington Heights neighborhood, 1998. (Photo by Mark Lennihan, Associated Press.)

U.S. - MEXICO FUTURES FORUM: Mexico's Drug War - Lessons From New York?

By Celeste Kauffman | Highlighting some policing strategies from New York that could be applied to combatting drug-related crime in Mexico, with legal scholar Frank Zimring.

Michelle Bachelet and Hillary Rodham Clinton at a high-level UN meeting for women political leaders, 2011. (Photo courtesy of UN Women.)

FOREIGN AFFAIRS EN ESPAÑOL: Michelle Bachelet: A Rendezvous With History

By Beatriz Manz | Following the arc of Michelle Bachelet’s career.

Gil Cedillo reads a Washington Post headline - "Biggest Group of Poor Kids is Latino" - on the UC Berkeley campus. (Photo by Jim Block.)

IMMIGRATION: Reclaiming the Dream

By Kevin Escudero | Discussing with California assembly member Gil Cedillo the trajectory of his ultimately-successful California Dream Act, which made undocumented college students eligible for some forms of financial aid.

General Benedicto Lucas García, head of the Guatemalan Armed Forces, rides in a helicopter holding an assault rifle in 1982. (Photo by Susan Meiselas.)

FILM: Sand in the Gears of Impunity

By Sarah Weber | Analyzing the film “Granito de Arena: How to Nail a Dictator,” a documentary about those struggling to end impunity in Guatemala.

A worker tends cacao seedlings in a field under nets in Las Varas. (Photo by Sarah Krupp.)

RESEARCH: Cultivating a Coca-Free Future

By Sarah Krupp | Sharing her findings, Tinker Summer Research Grant recipient Sarah Krupp on the comparative success of coca-eradication programs in Colombia’s Pacific Southwest.

Playing his guitar in front of a blue backdrop, Horacio Salinas gives a recital for CLAS on November 1, 2011. (Photo by Jim Block.)

MUSIC: Vuelvo

By Horacio Salinas | Playing his guitar, Horacio Salinas, the internationally renowned musician, composer and musical director of the beloved Chilean ensemble Inti-Illimani, taught a class for the Center for Latin American Studies during fall 2011.