Revista Pihhy: Translator Collective

Seeds of Indigenous Knowledge

Background image: Revista Pihhy banner with geometric art in earth tones.

Revista Pihhy ("seed" in the Mehi Jarka language) seeks to highlight, record, and circulate Indigenous knowledge authored by thinkers from some of the 305 Indigenous peoples and at least 274 Indigenous languages existing in Brazil. CLACS is partnering with its publishers at the Núcleo Takinahakỹ de Formação Superior Indígena at the Universidade Federal de Goiás in Brazil and the Secretaría de Formação, Livro e Leitura at the Ministério da Cultura in Brasilia to translate one monthly piece for an English-speaking audience. The project was conceived by artist, educator and leader Naine Terena, is edited by Alexandre Herbetta and Gilson Ipaxi Awiga Tapirapé, and coordinated at Berkeley by Natalia Brizuela. The Coletivo de Tradutores Berkeley-Brasil translating into English includes Derek Allen, Luiza Bastos Lages, Mônica Carvalho Gimenes, Gabriel Lesser, Ana Claudia Lopes, Isaac McQuinn, and Liam G. Seeley.

Coletivo de Tradutores Berkeley-Brasil