The Normalization of Post-Transition Democracy in Chile?

Kirsten Sehnbruch

Part of the Fall 2009 Bay Area Latin America Forum

September 14, 2009

Event description

President Michelle Bachelet’s administration has been a roller coaster ride. After numerous crises, the president has achieved record approval ratings despite rising unemployment and the economic downturn. Still, despite this popularity, there is widespread dissatisfaction with democracy in the country: the political mechanisms that smoothed the country’s transition to democracy are now hindering its development. This talk will discuss the new post-transition status quo, which could be described as the “normalization” of Chilean politics.


Kirsten Sehnbruch is a Senior Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies. She also works as a consultant to the Chilean government on a range of issues related to labor market policy and writes a column for La Tercera, the Santiago daily.