Milton and Augusto

Commemoration: 1973/2013

Written by Robert Reich and directed by Joy Carlin

September 16, 2013

The actors and directors are standing on a large stage in front of crowd.

Event Description

On the 40th anniversary of the coup that brought Pinochet to power in Chile, the Center for Latin American Studies is presenting a reading of Robert Reich’s new play, “Milton and Augusto,” directed by Joy Carlin. The play gives dramatic form to the 1975 meeting of the American economist Milton Friedman and the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.


Robert Reich is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Previously, he served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration.
Joy Carlin is a renowned Bay Area actor and director.
Featuring Julian López-Morillas (Augusto Pinochet), Anthony Nemirovsky (Milton Friedman), Carla Pantoja (Carla), and Armando McClain (Roberto).

More Information

Read "Milton and Augusto," Erica Hellerstein's article for the Fall 2013 Berkeley Review