Mezcala: A Long Road of Resistance

Rocío Moreno

Part of the CLAS Event Series Grant

February 2, 2023

Rocío Moreno: Mezcala: A Long Road of Resistance

Event Description

Dr. Rocío Moreno (Coca) will lead a series of lectures and film screenings that center the themes of history, identity and territory within the resistance movements organized by Indigenous women in Mexico. The series, organized by Prof. Diana Negrín, will bring into focus the ways in which several community-led projects strengthen identity and leverage territorial defense of ancestral lands in the face of ongoing political and climactic threats.

The first event in this series is a seminar lecture that highlights Dr. Moreno’s community history project in Mezcala, Jalisco. Focusing on the importance of decolonial methodologies and scholarship, she will connect the ways community history projects function to revitalize language, food and local economies.


Rocío Moreno received her doctorate in social sciences from the University of Guadalajara in 2022 and is the representative from Mezcala for the Congreso Nacional Indígena (CNI-CIG). In April 2022, she sought refuge in northern California following retaliation for her work securing Coca land rights in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Diana Negrín is Affiliate Faculty in the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley, specializing in topics related to territory, ethnicity, and social movements in Western Mexico.


Presented by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Geography