Hispanic Panethnicity, 1960 - 1990

G. Cristina Mora

Part of the Fall 2011 Bay Area Latin American Forum

September 19, 2011

Hispanic Panethnicity, 1960 - 1990

Event Description

Between 1960 and 1990, America witnessed the dramatic growth of “Hispanic” political, market and cultural organizations. How did this shift occur? Drawing on archival research, Professor Mora traces the series of networks and negotiations between activists, state officials and media executives to reveal how the “Hispanic” category became consolidated and popularized as a collective identity in the United States.   


G. Cristina Mora is an assistant professor of Sociology at UC Berkeley.  She is currently finalizing a book manuscript on “Hispanic” panethnicity in the United States.

More Information

Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Fall 2011 Article "RESEARCH: Hispanic Panethnicity": by G. Cristina Mora.