Haiti 2010: A Year of Calamities

Ingrid Arnesen

November 18, 2010

The speaker is leaning on a podium and speaking to a group off-camera.

Event Description

Journalist Ingrid Arnesen will offer a look at Haiti's current traumas and its prospects for the future in the context of the country's experiences since the end of the Duvalier regime over two decades ago.


Ingrid Arnesen is an award winning international journalist. She has covered Haiti for over twenty years for CBS, ABC, and CNN among others. She has received the Alfred I. Dupont Gold Award for her reporting in Haiti in 1994 as well as the Edward Murrow Award, the Overseas Press Award, and a Peabody for her work on Al Qaeda and Afghanistan. She produced the Tsunami/Sri Lanka, 2005-an award winning Special Report with Christiane Amanpour. She has been in Haiti since the earthquake and her articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.