Green Perspectives in Europe: Implications for the Americas

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Part of the Fall 2010 Alternative Energy and the Americas Series

September 29, 2010

Green Perspectives in Europe: Implications for the Americas

Event Description

As a leader of the European Parliament’s green coalition, Europe Écologie, Daniel Cohn-Bendit has effectively channeled public concern for the environment, gaining the coalition unexpected support in the last elections. “We have a project for Europe,” Cohn-Bendit told The New York Times in 2009, “an idea — the ecological transformation of our way of production and way of life.” The Franco-German leader is no newcomer to transformative ideas: he initially rose to prominence during the 1968 student uprisings in Paris. In the intervening years, Mr. Cohn-Bendit joined the German Green Party, wrote extensively about his experiences in the student protests and counterculture and served as deputy mayor of Frankfurt before being elected to the European parliament.


Daniel Cohn-Bendit is Co-President of the European parliamentary group Greens/European Free Alliance, which is made up of Greens and representatives of stateless nations and disadvantaged minorities.

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Article on the event from the Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies, Fall 2010: "ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Green Ideas From Europe" by Robert Collier.