The Global Economic Crisis and the Mexican–U.S. Border

Manuel Perlo Cohen

January 31, 2011

Event Description

Kate Doyle has spent two decades tracking down secret U.S. and Latin American government records to use in investigations and criminal prosecutions targeting some of the hemisphere’s worst human rights violators. She has testified as an expert witness in legal proceedings in Spain, the United States, and Latin America, including the trial of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori. Doyle will describe some of her experiences in the field in the context of the National Security Archive’s campaign to link the right to information with justice and accountability struggles in the Americas.


Kate Doyle is a senior analyst of U.S. policy in Latin America at The National Security Archive where she directs several research projects, including the Mexico Project, an investigation into democracy and human rights in Mexico. Doyle has edited collections of thousands of declassified records on El Salvador and Guatemala for The National Security Archive and her articles have appeared in many publications including Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times, and World Policy Journal.

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