Fragile Governance and Local Economic Development: Theory and Evidence from Peripheral Regions in Latin America

Karen Chapple and Sergio Montero

February 12, 2019

Event Description

Much of our understanding of local economic development is based on large urban areas. This framework not only over-represents the regional dynamics of cities in the global North, it also fails to properly characterize the challenges of smaller cities and peripheral regions in both the North and South. This book presents an alternative view of local economic development based on the idea of fragile governance and three variables: associations and networks; learning processes; and leadership and conflict management in six Latin American peripheral regions.


Karen Chapple is a professor of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley specializing in regional planning, economic development, and housing. She is a founding member of the MacArthur Foundation’s Research Network on Building Resilient Regions.

Sergio Montero is an assistant professor of Urban and Regional Development at CIDER (Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre Desarrollo), at the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.


This event is co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Center for Latin American Studies, Department of City and Regional Planning, Latin American Cities Working Group, and Global Metropolitan Studies.