DocuLatino: Érase una vez en Venezuela, Congo Mirador (Once Upon a Time in Venezuela)

Directed by Anabel Rodríguez (Venezuela, 2020)

Part of the Spring 2021 DocuLatino Series

March 6, 2021

Once Upon a Time in Venezuela - Trailer


On Lake Maracaibo, beneath the mysterious silent Catatumbo lightning, the village of Congo Mirador is preparing for parliamentary elections. This once-prosperous fishing community is now sinking into the sediment, unraveling after years of criminal pollution and government neglect – a reflection of all the flaws of contemporary Venezuela. Focusing on two fierce, independent women who epitomize opposing sides of this vulnerable community, Rodríguez Ríos’s film is a stunning microcosm of a global battle to safeguard cultural heritage and retain political relevancy. 99 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

Venezuela’s candidate for the 2021 Academy Awards.