Decolonizing Epistemology: A Conversation with Latinx Philosophers

PJ DiPietro, Mariana Ortega, Chela Sandoval, and Gabriela Veronelli

February 18, 2021

Event Description

In honor of Argentine philosopher Maria Lugones, this round table will discuss the politics of epistemological decolonization, particularly with respect to philosophical and spiritual thought. The dialogue will engage a deeper understanding of how the project of multiple/plural philosophies/worldviews/ways of knowing directly contribute to a classroom, campus and more broadly, national, climate of knowledge and respect for POC cultures and existence.  


PJ DiPietro is an assistant professor in the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Syracuse University who works at the intersection of decolonial feminisms, women of color thinking, Latinx studies, and trans* studies.  

Mariana Ortega is an associate professor of Philosophy and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Penn State, where she researches Latina and women of color feminisms, phenomenology (Heidegger), philosophy of race, and aesthetics. 

Chela Sandoval is a professor of Chicana Studies at UC Santa Barbara, and a noted theorist of postcolonial and third world feminism. She teaches about Indigenous texts, de-colonial feminism, liberation philosophy, and semiotics.

Gabriela Veronelli is an affiliated researcher at Binghamton University and Universidad Nacional de San Martin (Argentina), focusing on the relation between language and power in colonial situations from a decolonial lens.


Presented by The Decolonial Knowledges Research Initiative and co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies, the Latinx Research Center, the Chicano/a Studies Program, Dr. Ivonne Del Valle, and the Social Studies Matrix.