The Conversion of Pope Francis and the Women He Needs

Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Jennifer Scheper Hughes

Part of the Spring 2015 Bay Area Latin America Forum

February 19, 2015

Event Description

Pope Francis’ gestures to open dialogue on homosexuality, divorced Catholics, undocumented workers, and the big bang theory of creation augur well for the global Catholic community and the family of man. But what about the family of women? Jesus had his circle of women disciples; Saint Francis had an intellectual companion in Saint Clare. Who are the women who could help Pope Francis?


Nancy Scheper-Hughes is a professor of Anthropology and the chair of the Doctoral Program in Medical Anthropology at UC Berkeley as well as the author of many books. 

Jennifer Scheper Hughes is an associate professor of History at UC Riverside who specializes in Mexican and Mexican-American religion and in the history of Liberation Theology.

More Information

Read "Religion: The Final Conversion of Pope Francis" by Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Jennifer Scheper Hughes in the Fall 2015 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies.