CLAS Summer Research Symposium

Fall 2014

November 6, 2014

Event Description

This symposium is an opportunity to learn about the research done by recipients of the 2014 CLAS Summer Research Grant, which provides opportunities for graduate students to conduct field work in Latin America.

Thursday, November 6

Time Speaker Title
2:00 Introduction
2:10 Hector Beltrán "The Mexican Tech Startup Boom"
2:25 Elizabeth McKenna "Politics and Protest (and Lack Thereof) in Brazil"
2:40 Diego Ponce de Leon Barido "An Opportunity to Include People in Nicaragua’s Low Carbon Energy Transition"
2:55 Chris Carter "The Challenges of Mexican Elections"

Friday, November 7

Time Speaker Title
3:00 Introduction
3:10 Maria-Fátima Santos “Brazil’s Prison Reforms: Transforming Penal Systems and Democracy?”
3:25 Juan Pablo Atal "Income Inequality and the Tax System in Chile"
3:40 Emily Kearney "Many flowers, few fruits: Pollen limitation in wild and cultivated Theobroma cacao"
3:55 Cesar Bowley Castillo "Dignidad Agropecuaria Nacional: The Rebirth of the Agrarian Movement in Colombia"