CineLatino: Vanishing Landscapes

Directed by Eliseo Subiela (Argentina, 2012)

Part of the Fall 2012 CineLatino Series 

October 16, 2012


Event Description

The film will be followed by a discussion with director Eliseo Subiela.


Is Remoro Barroso a lunatic imagining a past life as a successful director or a long-vanished filmmaker pretending to be insane? “Vanishing Landscapes” follows three film students as they make a documentary about Barroso, a mysterious character living in a Buenos Aires mental hospital who they suspect might actually be a famous 1960s-era director who disappeared after the still-unsolved murder of a young actress. 75 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.

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Film review

Read "The Method in the Madness," an article by Erica Hellerstein for the Fall 2012 Berkeley Review

“A small but enchanting work celebrating the idiosyncrasy of artists...” —The Hollywood Reporter 

CLAS Two-Minute Take Highlight Video (en español)

Resumen del "Paisajes Devorados" con Eliseo Subiela