CineLatino: Portales, The Last Letter

Directed by Paula Leonvendagar (Chile 2010)

Part of the Fall 2011 Cine Latino Series

September 28, 2011

Documentary "Portales, The last letter", english subtitled

Event description

The film will be followed by a question-and-answer session with Paula Leonvendagar, the director.


In 2005, the long-lost remains of Diego Portales, one of Chile’s most divisive leaders, were discovered during renovations of Santiago’s Metropolitan Cathedral. The principle architect of Chile’s Constitution of 1833, which established a strong central government dominated by the conservative oligarchy, Portales never became president, yet wielded dictatorial power from behind the scenes. After his assassination in 1837, Portales became a political reference point, considered a Founding Father by some and a cruel dictator by others. “Portales: The Last Letter” narrates the process of excavating and identifying Portales’ remains and explores his significance for Chile. 68 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles.