CineLatino: Perro Bomba (in-person screening)

Directed by Juan Cáceres (Chile/Francia, 2019)

Part of the Spring 2022 CineLatino Series

April 1, 2022

Perro Bomba - Trailer with English subtitles


Steevens is a young Haitian immigrant living a challenging but somewhat stable life in Santiago de Chile. This precarious balance is disrupted when Junior, a childhood friend from Haiti, arrives in Chile seeking assistance. When an incident at their workplace exposes racial tensions and stokes a large anti-immigration sentiment in the city, Steveens loses his working documents. Now without a job, Steveens has to leave his home and is left to wander the city, looking for a chance to restart a life, beyond the margins of society. 80 minutes. Spanish and Creole with English subtitles.

“Cáceres’ debut feature, the film takes aim at the arcane racism affecting above all Chile’s working class, and immigrants’ suffering from laws born in the time of a xenophobic dictator Augusto Pinochet which remain today and affect more than half a million immigrants.” — Jamie Lang, Variety