CineLatino: Leonera

Directed by Pablo Trapero (Argentina, 2008)

Part of the Fall 2009 Cine Latino Series

December 2, 2009

LEONERA - Tráiler


Julia doesn’t remember how her boyfriend Nahuel ended up dead, his lover Ramiro badly wounded and herself bloodied in her Buenos Aires apartment. Her shock continues when she is found to be pregnant and confined to the “lion’s den,” a prison ward for mothers and young children. When her son turns four, he must go to live with a family member or be given up for adoption. As the date approaches, outside forces begin to close in on Julia, and she must fight to find a way to keep her son. 113 minutes. Spanish with English subtitles. 

“…a terrifically engaging story about a woman who is damaged, angry, beautiful and indomitable, who loves her son and who remains a mystery to us, and to herself, right to the end.” —