CineLatino: Don’t Let Me Drown

Directed by Cruz Angeles (United States, 2008)

Part of the Fall 2009 Cine Latino Series

October 5, 2009



A love affair set amid the ruins of post-9/11 New York powers this strong feature debut by UC Berkeley graduate Cruz Angeles, who adapts a street-level, neorealist aesthetic to capture the vibrancy and frictions of communities rarely portrayed realistically onscreen. Merging a cinema verité portrait of the city’s Mexican and Dominican populations with a romantic lyricism, “Don’t Let Me Drown” possesses both the toughness of its New York setting and the sorrow of its specific time but is, at heart, a love story. 105 minutes. English and Spanish with English subtitles.

“Don't Let Me Drown” is one of the best film portraits yet of New York City in the aftermath of 9/11…” — The Hollywood Reporter