CineLatino: Aos Teus Olhos (Liquid Truth) (virtual screening)

Directed by Carolina Jabor (Brazil, 2017)

Part of the Spring 2022 CineLatino Series

April 21, 2022

Liquid Truth by Carolina Jabor (2017) - Trailer English Subtitles


What if the only evidence of a crime is the testimony of a parent interpreting the unclear words of her child? Alex is a young boy on the swimming team. Noticing that his father’s pressure has affected the boy’s behavior, Coach Rubens tries to offer emotional support. But then Alex’s mother says her son confessed that Rubens was inappropriate with him in the locker room.

The community quickly turns against the coach, vandalizing his car and even assaulting him. Everyone wants to believe the child. But what if the story isn’t true? Is the town rushing to judgment? 90 minutes. Portuguese with English subtitles. 

“Perceptive...An attractive male swimming instructor is accused of inappropriately kissing a six-year-old boy in Carolina Jabor’s perceptive, handsomely made Liquid Truth.” – Jay Weissberg, VARIETY