China and Latin America: Perceptions, Problems, and Opportunities

Panel Discussion

February 12, 2013

China and Latin America: Perceptions, Problems, and Opportunities

Event Description

While China’s relations with Latin America once focused on revolutionary movements and social justice, today they revolve around markets and materials. This change has brought both increased tensions and new relationships. This panel explores the changing role of China in Latin America and the economic factors that drive relations, cultural overtures, and opportunities for the future.


Carol Wise Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Southern California 

Julia Strauss Senior Lecturer in Chinese Politics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Barry Eichengreen Professor of Economics and Political Science, UC Berkeley

Margaret Myers Director, China and Latin America Program, Inter-America Dialogue

Moderator: Harley Shaiken Professor of Education and Geography; Chair, Center for Latin American Studies, UC Berkeley

More Information

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