The Challenge for Progressives in Latin America

Giorgio Jackson 

October 11, 2018

The speaker is seated at the head of the table and is projecting towards the audience that is off-camera, but seated around him.

Event Description

Giorgio Jackson is a transformative political figure in Chile. As a student at the Catholic University in Santiago, Jackson was a key leader of the Chilean student protests in 2011. That mobilization of university and high school students fought for increased state support for public universities, more equitable access to education, and free public education for all students. The movement put as many as a million demonstrators on the streets of Santiago and coordinated demonstrations throughout Chile, reaching out to trade unionists, environmental groups, and other social movements.


As a 25-year-old, Jackson founded the Democratic Revolution political party in 2012 and was elected to Congress representing Santiago in 2013. He was re-elected in 2017 with the highest plurality of any member of Congress. Polls show him to be the most popular political leader in the country.