Biomigrations: Food Sovereignty, Security, and Justice in the Americas

Andra B. Chastain, Dhan Zunino Singh, Bianca Freire-Medeiros, & Mario Peters

Part of GHI Lecture Series: Mobilities and Migration Across the Americas

March 26, 2021

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Event Description

“Biomigrations” is a way to reconsider notions of Life and Movement. It is a way to explore one’s community, self, and spirit(s) through violence, refusal, and Indigenous rooting. It is premised on the idea that humans need to know how we are enacting structural pain(s) to humans and non-humans. The conference’s goal will be to collaboratively connect U.S. scholars, community members, and artists through the lenses of Food Sovereignty, Food Security, and Food Justice.


Organized by the Food Institute Graduate Council, and co-sponsored by the Center for Latin American Studies, Multicultural Community Center, Native American Studies Department, the Othering and Belonging Institute and the Latinx Research Center.

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