Courses with Latin American and Caribbean Content, Summer 2024

CLACS assembles a list of courses each semester that might be of interest to those studying Latin America and the Caribbean. Here are courses taught Summer 2024.

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The following list does not include basic Spanish or Portuguese courses. If you have corrections or additional courses to add to the list, please contact

Summer 2024 Courses with Latin American Content

Department Course number Title Instructor Day/Time
Chicano Studies CHICANO 110
Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought Jesus V Barraza TU, W, TH 4-6:30pm
Chicano Studies CHICANO 130 Mexican and Chicano Art History Jesus V Barraza TU, W, TH 1-3:30pm
Chicano Studies CHICANO 135 Latino Documentary Film Raymond Telles TU, TH 4-8pm
Chicano Studies CHICANO 172 Chicanos and the Educational System Juan G Berumen TU, W, TH 3-5:30pm
History HISTORY 137AC Immigrants and Immigration as U.S. History Hidetaka Hirota TU, W, TH, 10am-12:30pm
History of Art HISTART 88 Arts of Latin America Christine Delia M, TU, W 2-4pm
Music MUSIC 139 Topics in Musics of the World: Musics of the US-Mexico Borderlands Juan David Rubio Restrepo Tu, W 2-5pm
Spanish and Portuguese SPANISH 123 Mexican Culture, Language, and Civilization Berkeley Study Abroad