Faculty Affiliate

Pablo Gonzalez

Continuing Lecturer
Department of Ethnic Studies

Pablo is a first generation Chicano scholar-activist/anthropologist who studies the political and cultural resonance of social movements. In particular, the resonance of indigenous social movements on Chicanos and “people of color” in the United States. He has also looked at the effects of the post 2008 Housing crisis on Latino and Black families.

His teaching experience is extensive, having taught introductory classes in Anthropology and Chicano Studies, as well as undergraduate/graduate topic seminars. He has facilitated talks and workshops on decolonial thought in the United...

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

Associate Professor
Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. His research area is development, focused on basic infrastructure in developing countries.

Cynthia Gorney

Professor Emeritus
Graduate School of Journalism

Cynthia Gorney joined the faculty of UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism in 1999, after a career at The Washington Post that included serving as an award-winning national features writer, South American bureau chief and the first writer for the Post’s Style section based on the West Coast. She is the author of Articles of Faith: A History of the Abortion Wars, and has written for many magazines, including The New Yorker, National Geographic, Harper’s, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Magazine, Runners World, O: The Oprah Magazine, and the American Journalism Review....

Ramón Grosfoguel

Associate Professor
Department of Ethnic Studies

Ramon Grosfoguel is internationally recognized for his work on decolonization of knowledge and power as well as for his work in international migration and political-economy of the world-system. He has been a research associate of the Maison des Science de l’Homme in Paris for many years.

Sylvia Guendelman

Professor of the Graduate School
School of Public Health

Dr. Sylvia Guendelman is the Founder and Advisory Committee Chair of the Wallace Center for MCAH and Professor Emerita at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. Dr. Guendelman’s current research focuses on assessing pregnant women and mother’s engagement with digital health technologies and analyzing Google search queries to understand population health concerns. She has published widely on immigrant health, health disparities and the health of working women.

Jocelyne Guilbault

Department of Music

Since 1980, Professor Guilbault has done extensive fieldwork in the French Creole- and English-speaking islands of the Caribbean on both traditional and popular music. Her work is concerned with power relations, global industrialization, labor practices, cultural entrepreneurship, and work ethics in Caribbean popular musics. Stressing a multidisciplinary approach, she addresses these issues in the scholarly intersections of music, anthropology, cultural studies, and history.

Dr. Guilbault is the author of Zouk: World Music in the West Indies (U of Chicago Press, 1993), a...

Atreyee Gupta

Assistant Professor
History of Art Department

Atreyee Gupta’s area of expertise is Global Modernism, with a special emphasis on the aesthetic and intellectual flows that have cut across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America from the twentieth century onwards.

Affiliated with the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, the Institute for South Asia Studies, and the Center for Southeast Asia Studies, and the Center for Race and Gender, Gupta teaches courses on modern and contemporary Asian and Asian American art and architecture, along with thematic seminars on South and Southeast art, art and decolonization,...

Maria Paz Gutierrez

Associate Professor
College of Environmental Design

Maria Paz Gutierrez, Associate Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program of Architecture at UC Berkeley is an architect and researcher focused on nature and multifunctional material systems aimed at addressing pressing 21st century environmental and socioeconomic challenges. Her research group BIOMS, pioneers the physical and cultural implication of functional natural and living materials. These functional natural materials are designed from the nano to the macro scale to transform the health and resilience of the built environment. Her work has been published in leading...

Zoé Hamstead

Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning
College of Environmental Design

Zoé Hamstead is an assistant professor in the Department of City & Regional Planning. Her work focuses on environmental planning, sustainability, urban governance, and environmental justice, particularly in the context of climate change. She uses mixed methods, including field-based data collection with sensing equipment, interviews, focus groups, participatory action research, geospatial analysis, statistical analysis, and other approaches for understanding the social justice dimensions of urban climate. Her work has been published in planning and interdisciplinary journals including...

William Hanks

Department of Anthropology

William F. Hanks studies the history and ethnography of Yucatan, Mexico, and Yucatec Maya language and culture, including early modern Spain and Spanish as a necessary step towards understanding the colonial formation of Yucatan and New Spain. He examines the organization and dynamics of routine language use (semantics, pragmatics, interactional sociolinguistics and the social foundations of speech practices). He has studied ritual practice, comparative shamanisms, and the relations between religion and health care in rural Mexico. His most recent work concerns the colonial history of...