Pablo Gonzalez

Job title: 
Continuing Lecturer
Department of Ethnic Studies

Pablo is a first generation Chicano scholar-activist/anthropologist who studies the political and cultural resonance of social movements.  In particular, the resonance of indigenous social movements on Chicanos and “people of color” in the United States. He has also looked at the effects of the post 2008 Housing crisis on Latino and Black families. 

His teaching experience is extensive, having taught introductory classes in Anthropology and Chicano Studies, as well as undergraduate/graduate topic seminars.  He has facilitated talks and workshops on decolonial thought in the United States, Mexico, and Spain.

Research interests: 

Social movements, urban anthropology, borderlands, anthropology, decolonial thought and, praxis, criminality and illegality, Chicano studies, critical race theory praxis, and the study of commons.